Yoga classes in Aughleam – Game On!

I’m really excited that so many people in Aughleam want to start Yoga. What a wonderful, positive boost, and in the Spring, too! We all need to work to find ways to respond to the different crises we are facing, as individual humans, but also in our relationships to one another and to the wider world. Yoga is a great place to work from, whatever else is going on.

The next step is to get men involved! I have one or two bravehearted fellows booked, and the ones who come to the classes in Belmullet give a definite buzz to the group (!). Still, I think more men would come to a class that was just for men. Men definitely have it tough these days, as the tragic effects of male suicide show us time and again (female suicide is just as tragic but, thankfully, much less prevalent in Ireland). There’s good evidence to show that Yoga helps with depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, general stress, self-esteem and lots of other conditions that make us miserable. It’s not a miracle cure – you have to work at it to get results. But for most of us, it’s a brilliant way of shifting focus.

Of course Yoga’s not for everyone: some people are never going to get as much out of a yoga class as they get out of a walk on the beach, followed by a pilates class. If this is you, don’t sweat the small stuff: go to pilates. Find out who else is teaching classes. Get up, stand up for your right to be healthy in attitude. See things for what they are, not what you want or expect them to be, change what you can and give yourself permission to love yourself, just as you are, warts and giggles and all. No better way to heal and soothe the pain we all so frequently face, the heartache and the tears. Embrace your experience with loving arms, breathe in, and let go, ready for the next breath, the next experience, the next moment.

Thank you, people of Aughleam, Blacksod, Cartron, Glosh and Surgeview, of Tirraun(e?? someone help me with the spelling, please), Newtown, Faulmor and Mullaghroe. I really appreciate your vote of confidence and I will do everything I can to make our classes fun, inspiring, motivating, relaxing, interesting, challenging and peaceful spaces in your week that you can use to develop the strength, flexibility, focus and compassion you need to enrich your experience and enhance your relationships with yourselves, and with the world.

Not too ambitious, is it?


About Gamanrad

Therapeutic practitioner working on realisation as response to the ecological emergency (and all else besides).
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