Trouble at ‘Mill

I’m having trouble moving documents about in this and my other website. It seems I have to learn how to use algorithms if I want to do it properly (or ‘categories’, which are equally obscure or at least dull to me). I am, therefore, afraid that I have inadvertently made it difficult to find some pieces I’ve written that people liked (or at least one piece…) I can only ask for forgiveness at this stage. I’m working on content at the moment. When I’ve managed to put together some more work that I want to share, I’ll then work out how I can best make it accessible to the few who might be interested in reading/ watching (I took down all the youtube videos I’d posted because I was having problems getting them to load, and have spent much time attempting to reformulate them so that they are easier to access, but, again, I’ve had the same sort of problem with technical issues, mostly to do with not having enough money to buy software to be able to be led along easily.) But that’s the beauty of poverty and, in Zizek’s terms, disposability: it forces one to be extremely creative. Until, of course, one runs out of steam…


About Gamanrad

Therapeutic practitioner working on realisation as response to the ecological emergency (and all else besides).
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