Terms and Conditions May Apply

Watched the documentary ‘Terms and Conditions May Apply’ with my son the other day. In a sense, it says nothing any sensible person isn’t already aware of: the internet giants sell information on all of us, and profit from our need to feel connected. However, seeing the film/documentary makes you suddenly sit up and wonder why you are allowing yourself to be manipulated in this way, if it is not absolutely necessary. I’ve closed down my FB page in the past (I have a very old one that I thought I’d closed down and that lurks like Banquo’s ghost, now inaccessible to me, reminding me of events that happened ten years ago or more). However, I’ve always thought that the benefits – given that I live a long way from any of the people I grew up with, and from members of my family, and given that I’m self-employed and need to let people know about my business, and for a myriad host of other reasons to do with idle curiosity, a sense of feeling as though I belong, the slightly anxious feeling that I’m not quite as good as others (doesn’t Fakebook do that? To a large degree?) and wanting to know what people are up to, and what events might be going on in the area – outweigh the harms. Now I’m not so sure. I’m going to see if I can reclaim, not my privacy, but my capacity to bring more attention to the kind of persona I present on the vast, shallow surface that reflects and shapes us in the virtual world. I’ve always been fairly conscious of the disconnect between the myths we create to project an image and the realities that are far less fluid, more full of contradiction and complexity, not to mention flesh and blood and breath, than those images can ever capture. So if you’re looking for updates on Yoga classes, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be updating this more regularly. I’ll also be updating my other blog which relates to my PhD research. I have a viva in a couple of weeks so I’m rather focused on that for now but when that’s done, and I’ve corrected what needs to be corrected, I’ll be putting sections of my thesis online. I may edit bits and put them here too.

Take care, dear people. Pay attention to what is going on.


About Gamanrad

Therapeutic practitioner working on realisation as response to the ecological emergency (and all else besides).
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