Reminder: Yoga workshops in beautiful Erris over the summer…

Reminder! Amended dates for Yoga workshops in Beautiful Erris
Starting tomorrow…

1. Relax and breathe: Tues 22nd July, Tues 5th Aug 7-9 pm.

2. Inversions, rotations, arm balances (good level of fitness required), Thurs 24th July, Thurs 7th Aug 7-9 pm.

3. Yoga for deep stretching: Sat 26th July, Sat 9th Aug 10-12 noon.

4. Introduction to Yoga Tues 29th July, Tues 19th Aug 7-9 pm.

5. A full Hatha Yoga practice Thurs 31st July, Thurs 21st Aug 7-9 pm.

6. Post natal Yoga Sat 2nd Aug, Sat 23rd Aug 10-12 noon.

Please bring a Yoga mat except for workshop 1

Cost: 20 euro per workshop or any three for 50 euro. Book now!
0861286449 or 09781205 or looseyoga@gmail.com2014-07-11 11.48.40


About Gamanrad

Therapeutic practitioner working on realisation as response to the ecological emergency (and all else besides).
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