What this site’s about

I teach Yoga in Erris, Co Mayo. I’ve been teaching Yoga for a long time now and I hope I’m getting better at it.

If you just want to stretch, strengthen and relax, you’re welcome to come along. I want to deepen your experience but I’m never going to judge you. If you want to know more, read on.

A lot of what I teach relates to my attempts to understand how to live, through philosophical investigation and practice. I’m finishing off a PhD in Philosophy and this heavily influences how I think and what I say. Above all, I seek to elicit compassion and humility so we can be kinder in our dealings with one another and more considerate in how we relate to the world.

We are living in an increasing emergency, ecologically, and this affects everything. None of us knows how fast this emergency will unfold: the future is hard to predict! But there are various things we can do to mitigate its impact: exercise compassion and humility in our dealings with one another, take as much responsibility as possible for our own health and well-being, adapt our lives to recognise the kind of limits that exist in the world, and reduce the suffering of ourselves and others by noticing, defending ourselves against, and watching the burning out of the violence and aggression we are enmeshed in.

It’s never perfect but if you’re prepared to make the effort, an integrated life is beyond riches.

For current times and types of class, please contact me. This is how April/May is looking:

Mon 21 April – new Hatha Yoga class (tbc)

Tues 22 April – new Beginner’s Hatha Yoga class 8-9pm six weeks

Tues day class 11-12noon ongoing

Wed 23 April – Hatha Yoga with emphasis on the Tha (or Yin) – holding poses longer, slower stretches, warmer room 8-9pm four weeks left

Thurs 24 April – Hatha Yoga with emphasis on the Ha (or Yang) – vinyasa flow class – stronger, faster sequences 8-9pm four weeks left

All courses 45 euro for six weeks; 10 euro drop in (but please text or email to book a space first – classes can get overfull otherwise!)

Mon and Tues classes suitable for all, Wed and Thurs need some experience

You need a Yoga mat: I have a couple of spares but if you need to borrow, please check that they’re available (and it’s healthier for you to have your own). You practice Yoga asanas in bare feet, wearing clothing you can stretch in. You might want to bring a rug for the relaxation section of the class.

Awaken stillness


About Gamanrad

Therapeutic practitioner working on realisation as response to the ecological emergency (and all else besides).
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