Questions, Comments, Observations, Constructive Criticisms…

This form is for all those who came to my Yoga classes over the last eight or four weeks (depending on which ones you came to!) I meant to give you a questionnaire so you could give me feedback on what worked for you. I didn’t get a chance, because I’ve got other deadlines and pressures (!) so I’m putting a  form on here, and a link to Facebook and I’ll send some links out via email.

What I’ve found increasingly beneficial is to have a clear idea of what we’ll cover in the different classes over the course. I’ve been giving hand-outs of the asanas that we will cover so you have an idea. This has felt like a good development to me. How has it been for you?

Also, I’ve started introducing pranayama again. I steered away from this for a while (this is the focus on breathing techniques) because it is a bit more technical and because it can have quite a profound effect for some people. I’m still in two minds about this. Have you found it useful? Do you want more focus on specific yoga breathing techniques (alternate nostril breathing is one example)?

Thirdly, I’m keen that you get the benefits of a relaxation/ Yoga nidra-like experience and that means dedicating 15 minutes at the end of the class to this, which shortens asana time. I’ve sometimes shortened the relaxation period in the more dynamic class. How do you feel about this?

Fourthly, I’m thinking of offering an absolute beginner’s class on Mondays, instead of the Hatha Yoga class. I know that this means that people with more experience aren’t going to come on a Monday, but I want to give people who are new to Yoga a chance to start somewhere without feeling they have to know anything. What do you think of this idea? I offer a day class already on Tuesday – I could, possibly, offer a class on Friday in addition.

Finally, I am unfortunately going to have to put up my prices a bit – I have to make a living and at the moment, I’m not, to be blunt! I don’t want to make classes unaccessible, though: I will always offer concessions to students and people on low income or no income. I’d welcome your thoughts on this, and on possibilities for other teaching opportunities (bearing in mind I’m also writing up my thesis this year…)

Many thanks to all who have attended classes. It is highly encouraging to find people interested in looking after themselves. I’ve got an awful lot to learn and make lots of mistakes but I am, slowly, becoming better at communicating and that’s largely down to the feedback I get from you. Thanks. Namaste.





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Therapeutic practitioner working on realisation as response to the ecological emergency (and all else besides).
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