Yoga Workshops over the Summer (June, July, Aug) in Beautiful Erris

DSC_0871 Three workshops over three weeks. Each workshop takes place from 7-9pm in the Irish Wheelchair Centre. Cost: €12 per workshop, 3 workshops for €30 but – Please bring a mat and a blanket!

Workshops can be attended individually but are designed as a series to be taken concurrently so each will build on the previous one.

Yoga for Peace Tuesdays First Course: 25 June, 2, 9 July;

Second Course: 23, 30 July, 6 August

A focus on physical, psychological and breathing space, accepting, extending and exploring resilience for a more peaceful relationship with oneself and the place one is in.

Yoga for Back Pain Wednesdays First Course: 26 June, 3, 10 July

Second Course: 24, 31 July, 7 Aug

A focus on working to relieve the symptoms of lower back pain and shoulder/neck pain. Developing a practice of self-awareness and self-care to explore the physical, psychological and breathing space within which symptoms develop using techniques of asana, pranayama and visualisation/ relaxation practices to work with current conditions.

Yoga for Sport First Course: Thursdays 27 June, 4, 11 July

Second Course: 25 July, 1, 8 Aug

Yoga asana, pranayama, visualisation and relaxation techniques to explore and develop a practice to enhance sports participation, with a focus on building core strength, flexibility and endurance (triathalon/ marathon training), alignments for ‘sided’ sports (tennis, golf) and dealing with the symptoms of some common problems (tight tendons, stiffness, maintaining focus).

If there is an interest, I would also like to offer Yoga for Youth (this would take place on Monday evenings, same time, lower costs to reflect economic status of students), and, separately, Yoga on the Beach (fun practice, surya namaskara and maybe a short run!) for three consecutive Friday mornings in June/July, and three in July/August, although this would be weather dependent – again, express your interest, please!


About Gamanrad

Therapeutic practitioner working on realisation as response to the ecological emergency (and all else besides).
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