Mum and baby Yoga

I’m just beginning to develop ideas for a Mum and baby class. Here’s the start (you don’t have to have a baby to practice this!)

Hold your baby or have them on a cushion alongside you. Begin by focusing on your breathing and your baby’s breathing. You can put a hand on baby’s tummy and tune in if you like. Notice how you feel. Things are as bad or as good as they seem. No need to add anything extra. Now see if you can lie back and relax a little, but keep your attention on your baby. Allow yourself to respond and be sensitive – your space, your love can relax into the space.

Bent knees, lie down. Baby is wherever is comfy against your legs, on tummy, wherever. Support with one or both hands. Begin pelvic tilts by tucking tail bone under, really gentle rocking motion for the baby, really nice for toning abs and releasing low back (and also, when you add a ‘lift’ to the pelvic floor, really good for toning up pelvic floor – ‘lift’ is mula bandha (like you need to go to the loo! Squeeze!).

Pelvic lifts – hold baby (or have baby alongside, looking at you, you looking with love and affection) and lift hips off the floor. If your low back feels strong, you can curl into this lift, otherwise just lift the whole unit of the back in one motion, but in either case, as you inhale, squeeze the pelvic floor, as you exhale, relax. See if you can hold this lift for ten breaths. Lift and lower baby if they are restless. Pay attention to your own restlessness. Just keep coming back to an acceptance of whatever is happening right now. Nothing is more or less than it is for you now. Open into it! Feel great compassion reflected between yourself and your baby who wants to be loved, and wants to give, but without ego. More next week (this is an experiment – I’m not charging for these classes, so I’ll upload what works, when we’ve had a few sessions…)



About Gamanrad

Therapeutic practitioner working on realisation as response to the ecological emergency (and all else besides).
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