About Eyoälha Baker

About Eyoälha Baker.


About Gamanrad

Therapeutic practitioner working on realisation as response to the ecological emergency (and all else besides).
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3 Responses to About Eyoälha Baker

  1. Thank you for sharing my project 🙂

  2. ps I am not clear on what to do with the suggestion you made about considering the process of photography.. when you speak of materials are you referring to the camera itself and where/how it was made? Perhaps the computer/internet we use to share the digital images and quotes? Whenever possible and within my ability I do my best to choose the lighter and love full way… I do use these tools to share joy, love, creativity, inspiration, positivity and support etc.

    • gamanrad says:

      I mean all the physical materials involved. I am interested, for instance, in where computer and camera components are made, where the materials are sourced, particularly (but not exclusively) rare materials like metals (some come from war-torn Congo, other materials are dumped in places as remote and fragile as Tibet). I think this question is not often asked, certainly not often enough. The great thinker and innovator, William McDonagh, wrote about the possibility of ‘cradle to cradle’ thinking when it comes to making materials and technology.
      As to your practice, jump for joy, I am sure that you choose the lightest means possible to disseminate information and experience. Nevertheless, you might therefore be in a position to enlighten other people, and you might even have the delicacy of touch to do it with compassion and humour. That’s all I meant! Best, Lucy

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