‘A philosopher is a sort…

‘A philosopher is a sort of intellectual yokel’.  Alan Watts

My position looks like materialist nihilism but is not. Instead, it is closest to Zen buddhism: the notion of a compassion arising from the knowledge that we arise out of nothing and return to nothing need not leave us cold. Rather when we see ourselves as part of the ephemeral dance of the universe, and a tiny, insignificant blip in a minor branch of it, we can feel the deep longing that we have to be listened to and to be loved and we can feel great empathy for the futility of this longing, to the inability of anything in the universe to satisfy this longing, and yet, to the answer being paradoxically in a complete and compassionate acceptance of the state we are in. And acceptance of the state we are in allowing us to become compassionate towards all beings, living and non living, and to seeing the chance arising of evolution and the energy flows within it as a vast dance that we can partake in and even facilitate through our ability to reflect on our responses and reactions and let go of those that generate more attachments.

And what buddhism shows is that we have emergent properties, like the ability to deal with one another and the world more compassionately, that rely on nothing more than a reflection upon our self-awareness, a particular kind of self-respect, or self-regard, that has nothing to do with aggrandizement but everything to do with pulling consciousness back to see what is going on just in this moment, opening up to all the foibles and shortcomings and seeing them begin to become less vital to our self assessment as we realise that we are just what is unfolding right now, a pinprick in the interconnection between relations. No more. No less.


About Gamanrad

Therapeutic practitioner working on realisation as response to the ecological emergency (and all else besides).
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